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Reputation Management


Regardless of the highly positive experience your business is committed to providing to each customer, increasing success will also raise the odds that your company will be on the receiving end of a complaint or be the subject of negative commentary. Without a protective reputation management strategy in place, the ease of communication that the internet provides enables these types of negative content to make the rounds quickly and potentially affect the way in which potential and existing customers perceive your business, its products, and/or services.

These situations can be even more precarious for businesses that are not monitoring the web for negative postings, commentary, articles, etc. Without comprehensive monitoring systems in place, these types of situations can get out of control before the company even knows about it.

The Gervais Group delivers reputation management services in two formats:

  1. Proactive – Proactive reputation management practices are put in place before a business has to deal with negative content that is posted online. In the proactive format, a campaign is designed to build multiple channels across the web where company and product/service related content can be posted, “Liked”, shared, etc. There are two primary results that come from this type of campaign; one, the company’s potential audience expands due to increased access to its content and two, the presence of multiple website rankings at the high end of the search engine results pages.
  2. Reactive – A reactive reputation management campaign is initiated when content that could potentially damage a company’s name or its products/services is released on the web and there is no proactive plan in place. In this type of situation, positive content is quickly generated to counter the negative and then distributed in a manner similar to a proactive campaign, with the objectives of moving negative content off of the front pages of the search engines while also reinforcing a positive perception of the company via the newly posted content.

Reputation management is much more than just a strategy that counters negative content on the web. In fact, reputation management strategies designed and executed by the Gervais Group can deliver many of the same benefits as the most successful marketing campaigns.

These benefits include:

  •  Brand building – The changing perception of your company’s brand is happening daily, whether you are part of the conversation or not. Getting your business’ message out to a growing audience puts you in position to shape the way in which your company resonates with your target market.  
  • Increased traffic – Broadening your audience via positive and informative content will have the natural effect of driving more targeted traffic to your website.
  •  Enhanced authority – Informed interactions on the web combined with the posting and distribution of high value information will enhance your company’s authority as a knowledgeable resource in your industry, which will also reinforce your branding efforts.
  •  An advanced competitive position – In addition to building your brand and enhancing your company’s level of authority, a comprehensive reputation management campaign can improve your competitive position by occupying multiple rankings at the front of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for high value keywords. Basically, the more high rankings your web pages occupy, the less that are available for your competitors. 
  •  More revenues – By delivering on the four benefits listed above, a reputation management campaign, rather than being classified as an expense, can actually generate an increasing stream of revenues.

To learn how the opportunities included in a comprehensive online reputation management campaign can benefit your business call the Gervais Group.