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Distribution of Digital Press Releases

Digital-Press-ReleasesDistributing digital press releases about your company’s achievements, new products, new hires and other important events are a great way to expand your audience, build your brand, and establish authority within your industry.

Digital press releases that are distributed across the web deliver numerous benefits, including:

·         Global reach – Press releases can find an audience in any location that has an internet connection. Additionally, this global audience can be reached within seconds of publication.

·         Increasing your company’s visibility – Press releases that go into wide distribution are picked up and viewed by potential customers, partners, vendors, and news agencies.

·         Your news doesn’t have to be headline-worthy to make an impact – The most valuable press releases are often those that relate to a specific audience. These are the types of releases that gain traction in trade magazines and other industry related online publications.

·         A series of press releases can illustrate the growth of your company – A history of press releases that shows benchmarks being met, new products in distribution, and other achievements can show your company’s progress. This type of content can influence potential investors, partners, etc.

·         Press releases build trust, credibility, and authority – Conveying your company’s developments through press releases allows viewers to see the progression of your business, which builds your industry standing as well as your brand with your audience.

Digital press releases offer a cost effective solution that can build your company’s audience, its brand, SEO efforts, and its standing within its industry.