Industries Served


Regardless of your industry, if there is money to be made, the chances are high that the competition for visibility on the web is intense. In this type of environment, separating your business from your competitors and taking advantage of profitable opportunities requires customized solutions that deliver results in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The Gervais Group starts its work with an intensive research process that assesses your business, its products/services, direct competitors, relevant keywords and a host of other factors to define where the most profitable opportunities for your business exist for both the short and long term. Once these opportunities have been determined, customized strategies are designed and executed to cost effectively realize the maximum return.

Areas where the Gervais Group’s customized strategies can be deployed include:

·         The optimization of your website – Optimization tactics focus on visitor retention and conversion as well as the integration of information that search engines use to measure the value of each page in relation to relevant keywords.

·         Optimization of strategic keywords – By defining keywords that attract motivated searchers while experiencing low levels of competition, SEO campaigns can be initiated to rise quickly on the search engine results pages and drive targeted visitors to the site.

·         IT solutions – The Gervais Group can make your IT infrastructure more efficient and cost effective by upgrading and/or outsourcing selected IT services.

·         High value, industry specific content – Populating your site and distributing information-filled content can fortify your company’s authority in the industry and within your market.

·         Social media engagement – Participation in social media is a necessity for businesses, regardless of industry. The Gervais Group provides guidance and management of initiatives in this high growth arena.

Heavy competition exists in all industries. The key to success is defining opportunities and optimizing them as cost-effectively as possible.