Why You Need YouTube to Optimize Your SEO and Social Media Campaigns

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Why You Need YouTube to Optimize Your SEO and Social Media Campaigns Why You Need YouTube to Optimize Your SEO and Social Media Campaigns

YouTube, with over 1 billion unique users per month and a ranking as the second largest search engine on the web behind Google...

...sits at the intersection where social media and search meet. This powerful combination delivers numerous opportunities, including the potential to improve businesses’ rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) through a variety of SEO techniques. While many business owners understand the importance of ranking well for selected keywords on the search engines, building a high ranking for videos related to those keywords on YouTube can dramatically increase a company’s visibility as well.

Here are 6 SEO tips that can help to increase rankings for selected keywords on both the search engines and the thriving social media platform at YouTube:

1) Use your keyword in the title of the video – Like written content, this practice informs both the search engines and viewers that the video will be relevant to the keyword used for their search. Due to the fact that many will add the word “video” to their keyword search, it’s not a bad idea to integrate the word “video” into the title as well.
2) Above the fold integration of the keyword in the description – Many video descriptions require a second click to be read in full so make sure the keywords related to the video shows in the abbreviated description.
3) Provide a transcript – This is another place to add the keywords that the search engine bots are looking for. As a warning, do not stuff your transcript with keywords as both the search engines and your readers will see a text that reads awkwardly and diminishes the overall effect of the video.
4) Provide tags – This yet another method of placing keywords in and around your video, which conveys its relevance to the search term.
5) Set up your backlinks – Backlinks to your videos will help in getting them indexed while backlinks to your web pages will play a role in increasing their rankings.
6) Keep an eye on your competition – This practice can provide intelligence on keywords that are experiencing heavy competition as well as those that can be optimized for faster results.

With signals from social media sites playing an increasing role in surfacing the best web pages on Google, Bing and other search engines, YouTube sits at one of the most important intersections on the web. By taking advantage of YouTube’s social media and search benefits, businesses can exponentially expand the scope of their marketing efforts while at the same time improving their rankings on the two biggest search engines on the web.