Using Longer Keyphrases for Successful SEO Campaigns

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Using Longer Keyphrases for Successful SEO Campaigns Using Longer Keyphrases for Successful SEO Campaigns


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi-faceted process that can be both time and labor intensive. The ultimate success of these...

endeavors, however, is often dependent on a single factor that can result in either the successful achievement of online objectives or an expenditure of resources that yields little and ultimately requires a re-start at square one. This often overlooked lynchpin of successful SEO is the use of longer keyphrases and virtually any campaign that starts without incorporating this step is doomed to either underperformance at best or varying degrees of failure.


To get started with keyword research that generates cost and time effective results, start with these 2 steps: 


* Assess the search terms your competition is using – Going head to head with keywords that have been successfully established by your competitors can result in an uphill battle for rankings on search engines. Save these keywords for a later date and focus on search terms that are winnable over the short term.

* Test longer keyphrases – Consumers generally start their searches with shorter and more generic keywords or keyphrases and then lengthen the search terms as they get closer to making a purchase. For example, a consumer looking to buy a Chanel handbag might initiate a search with “Chanel handbag” and then add more qualifying terms such as a specific style and geographic region. Searches using longer keyphrases are usually indicative of a consumer that is much closer to making purchasing decision than one searching with generic keywords.


While being ranked at the top of the search engine results pages for generic terms after a lot of SEO work can generate a substantial amount of traffic, the visitors who arrive at your site are probably just getting  started in their decision making process. Longer keyphrases, on the other hand, will generate less traffic but will be used by consumers just before making a purchase, which is exactly the time you want them to be visiting your site.