Three Reasons To Hire A Professional SEO Consultant

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Business owners usually succeed by playing to their strengths while delegating work outside their areas of expertise to others...

...who are either more capable and/or less costly in terms of handling specific tasks. When considerations are being made as to whether search engine optimization should be executed by in-house personnel or out-sourced to a professional SEO company, three issues must be taken into account. They are:


  1. Time – For many people running small and medium sized businesses, there aren't enough hours in the day already, even without taking on additional responsibilities. From its outset, a search engine optimization strategy will take time to develop and execute. Estimates of the time required to mount an effective SEO campaign can vary widely depending on a host of factors including competition, the number of keywords to be optimized, and the amount of necessary content, for starters. Add ongoing testing, measuring, and analysis of the campaign and suddenly the size of the time commitment can start to look overwhelming. In fact, the average time requirement of one hundred hours per month to start a campaign is often enough by itself to convince business owners to go with an outside search engine optimization company.
  2. Labor – All of work requiring a time commitment also requires labor to conduct it. Staffing up for an SEO campaign, in addition to the time it takes for things like seeking applicants, interviewing, and then hiring them, often turns out to be a very expensive option. Most of this expense comes from the cost of the associated infrastructure such as office space, computers, phone lines, etc., as well as the ongoing cost of the labor itself. This expense can harm a company in several ways; stretching a possibly tight operating budget as well as reducing the potential return on investment, even if the SEO campaign is successful from the beginning. The distraction of resources attached to the implementation the in-house initiative would add to the cost as well.
  3. Skill Sets – Without the appropriate skills, neither time nor labor will be able to deliver anything close to the results required to cover the costs incurred. As a combination of art and science, search engine optimization requires constant attention, creativity, and experience. Starting with keyword research, successful results for any SEO campaign require getting it right and getting things done in a cost effective manner. Additional requirements include quality on-site content for optimization purposes, link building, and the creation of blogs, articles, and press releases. Integrating these activities into a workable and successful strategy takes a level of skill and experience which is normally found only at professional SEO companies.


Search engine optimization which results in front page rankings on the search engines can deliver huge returns on investment by driving branding efforts, company recognition, and revenues. With increasing competition for consumer dollars, the importance of running successful SEO campaigns has never been greater. For that reason small and medium sized business must seriously and realistically take into consideration whether they have the wherewithal to succeed on their own where so many have failed before them. Professional SEO companies, like the Gervais Group can deliver SEO solutions which are long lasting, cost effective, and, most importantly, successful.