The Role Of SEO In Reputation Management

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The process of reputation management is most often undertaken at the advent of an attack which, depending on whether the... being attacked is doing any kind of monitoring on the internet, can lag the first posts by days or weeks. In fact, it's still very common for companies to find out about an attack/rumor/review from outside sources either in the media or from their own customers. By the time that occurs, the negative content has likely been seen by hundreds if not thousands of potential or existing customers.

That kind of situation can be avoided or at least marginalized by engaging an SEO company that is also familiar with reputation management techniques before damaging content makes its way to the internet. There are several advantages to engaging proactive SEO services:


  • The first objective of search engine optimization and marketing is to push the website to a position where its pages occupy the rankings on the front pages of the search engines. Statistics show that, regardless of the amount of search results, the only pages that matter are the first three which represent the top thirty positions. In fact, nine out of ten searches never go past page one and only 1 in 50 searches ever make it to page three. By occupying multiple positions in the top thirty, and preferably the top ten, there's less room for negative content.
  • Optimizing for the most relevant keywords and keyphrases makes it much tougher for negative content to be found by searchers using the most popular search terms.
  • An SEO company, in order to do the best job possible, must develop a working knowledge of the companies they're working with. That knowledge would include files on articles, press releases, etc., as well as a general familiarity with company operations and its competition. In terms of executing a reputation management strategy, having an existing relationship can speed the response time for a counter attack, especially when compared to a new company that has been hired after an attack has started. With an existing relationship its not uncommon for counter measures to start within 24 to 48 hours.
  • An SEO company which also provides reputation management services can monitor consumer generated media such as blogs and social media to get early notice on negative commentary. Where possible, the SEO company could engage in conversation to provide rebuttals and positive content directly at sites where discussions are being carried out. By contributing to and/or controlling the conversations on forums, blogs, and social media sites rumors, hearsay, and damaging reviews can be handled at the source.


Engaging an SEO company with reputation management capabilities has other benefits as well including branding, increased traffic, and a higher conversion rate. Being proactive in protecting those benefits, along with the reputation of the company and its products, can be much like carrying an insurance policy, the difference being that this kind of policy can pay for itself many times over.