SEO Tips for 2012

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As Google reminded all of us last February with their "Panda/Farmer" algorithm change, search engine optimization will continue... exist in a dynamic environment where minor changes can have drastic results. The good news is that some things don't change. To that end here are the SEO tips for 2012:


* Plan on posting new content on a consistent basis. Additionally, plan on ramping up the volume of content you distribute. Your distributed content will generate inbound links, present opportunities to rank for a growing number of keywords, and drive traffic to your site.
* Get rid of duplicate content. The search engines have made huge steps forward in detecting duplicate content and they don't like it when they find it.
* Commit to posting nothing but unique and high quality content. Pushed by their mission to create the best user experience possible, search engines are placing heavy emphasis on both of these.
* Get mobile. The number of mobile searches will continue to grow in 2012 and nobody likes missing a huge opportunity. Make sure that your site's appearance and performance shines across the spectrum of mobile devices.
* Add images and video to your site. Search engines are giving more weight to both of these in their algorithms.
* Get social. Social media is playing a growing role in search engine results. If you're not ready to jump in, watch and learn so that when you are ready to go social, you can do it with maximum efficiency.


To summarize this SEO tips list; post high value and unique content and acclimate to mobile and social media. Lastly, stay on your toes because you never know when or how much the game can change overnight.