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Search engine optimization is the practice of developing search engine rankings for a website. In order to develop good... engine rankings, there are a lot of different things that must happen to an individual website. Everything about a website can be developed a specific way to increase search visibility, although it takes a lot of time and a great amount of energy and research.


A Search Engine Overview


When a search engine user goes to a specific search engine and searches for a specific keyword phrase, a listing of websites will come up in the browser. A good example of a search engine is Google (as they are the biggest and most impressive search engine). Google, MSN and Yahoo! are the big three search engines, and they all have one specific goal in mind. Their goal is to produce the most relevant results for the users of those search engines.


More than half of all Internet users take advantage of the search engines on a daily basis. With that said, you can see why they are so important. It is the best way to find information quickly and effectively. In order to understand Search engine optimization (SEO), you will need to understand how the search engines work.


A Look Inside SEO


The practice of SEO can be very complex, but has two different main tasks to accomplish. The first is all about keywords. A keyword is a specific phrase that is searched for in the search engines. As someone that would be doing SEO, it would be their job to figure out which keywords (related to the websites topic) people search for. From there, they can pinpoint the keywords they want to rank for in the search engines.


After the keywords have been discovered, the next step would be to implement different methods to rank for these phrases. The most basic concept of SEO is to be sure that these keywords are placed throughout a website in the proper places. If they are, then that is a good first step to having good SEO on the website.


The complexity of SEO


While many think that Search Engine Optimization is just simply adding keywords to your content, it really is much more. The way your site is designed, the quality of your content, the uniqueness of your content and the amount of quality inbound links to your website are all very important factors. Along with that, there are still literally hundreds of other things that could affect search engine rankings both negatively and positively.


The search engines have secret algorithms that they use to decide what websites rank for what keywords. They have a lot of different variables that come into play and nobody knows exactly what they are. This is the main reason why SEO is such a lucrative and high demand service for SEO experts. A very big part of Search Engine Optimization is theory and guesses to what will work and what will not. There are a lot of proven facts out there about SEO, but there are also a lot of secrets. The number one rule for SEO is to simply create quality and value for the Internet. The rest will all fall into play, including search engine optimization.