Optimizing your Online Marketing

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Regardless of how wonderful your website looks, the effectiveness of your online marketing will define the success of your site...

...The fact is there are more websites out there now than any individual can count and the number grows every day. To ignore online marketing is to accept your website's position as one of thousands sitting in a pile, hoping to somehow be discovered by enough visitors to turn a profit. As statistics show, this "strategy" virtually guarantees disappointment at a minimum and (more likely) the loss of hard-earned funds and time.

So how can online marketing make a difference for your website? Let's look at a physical store front as an example. Ignoring online marketing would be the equivalent of opening the store and hoping that enough foot traffic happens by to keep you in business. This is the definition of passive marketing, which many websites opt for. At the other end of the spectrum are the aggressive marketers who spend their days reaching out to potential customers.

Online marketing follows the same aggressive marketing format by reaching out to as many potential customers as possible but instead of using traditional advertising techniques, optimizing for the search engines becomes the focus. Here, search terms relevant to the company or its products are optimized using a wide variety of online venues. These venues include business-related blogs, content farms, and social media sites.

Information posted on these venues then provides two benefits; the first being that people reading the information can be introduced to the business. The second is that the links from each venue to the main website are counted by the search engines when they set rankings on their results pages.