Incorporating YouTube in Your Social Media Initiatives

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 It’s not unusual for business owners to assume that setting up pages on Facebook and Twitter will cover their social media needs

and while it’s true that the combined users of these two platforms total over a billion and a half, using these sites exclusively can result in missing the opportunities available on the second largest social media site on the web with 1 billion unique users.

To the surprise of many, YouTube ranks second behind Google for search activity while also serving as a vibrant social media site with interaction capabilities that mirror everything that Facebook offers. These actions include subscribing/following channels, “liking” videos, leaving comments, etc. For businesses, creating suite of videos and building a YouTube channel has several benefits, including:

  • YouTube enables businesses to demonstrate their products and/or services – Video is becoming a preferred medium for consumers doing product research on the web, a huge advantage for companies that can offer a video experience.
  • “How to” videos are immensely popular – Companies that produce instructional videos can position themselves as credible experts in solving specific issues for their target market. These same companies can stay relevant and topical by listening to their target market on various social media sites, and producing videos that provide answers to the most important issues being faced by their potential consumers.
  • YouTube videos get shared across the universe of social media – Statistics show that more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute. Sharing of videos (and content in general) can expand a business’ reach exponentially. Being shareable across the virtually all social media platforms trumps Facebook videos, which can’t be shared outside the walls of “The Social Network”.
  • Your potential customers can access YouTube from a range of devices ranging from smart phones and tablets to television sets – Accessibility through a multiple of device types means that you can deliver content when your customers want to see it, including the time just prior to a decision on making a purchase.

With over 800 million unique users per month, YouTube ranks second in network size behind Facebook. Within this huge and growing community exists your target market, looking for information on the products/services offered by your company. Help them find your business and purchase your products and services by incorporating YouTube in your social media initiatives.