How Your Online Marketing Strategies Should Change in 2012

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The search engines led by Google are fickle masters, throwing down a Panda/Farmer-like algorithm change every once in a while...

...seemingly to keep everyone on their toes. That being said, there are some indications, hints and allegations that are worth paying attention to. Some of those have actually come directly from Google so, unless they were kidding, let's take a look at how your online marketing strategies should change in 2012.

* It would appear that page content is garnering most of the search engines' attention. So if you're executing and delivering the goods with highly informative and relevant content, it may not matter as much as to how your meta tags have been optimized.
* Duplicate content is the bane of the search engines while fresh and unique information makes them happy. Now is the time to clean up all of the duplicate content you have out on the web. Start a log to track the replacement of this duplicate content with new articles, blogs, etc.
* You're going to want to be very aggressive about publishing fresh content on your site as well as off of it. The challenge in this aspect of your online marketing strategies is going to be maintaining a very high standard for the quality and relevance of each piece.
* Stop publishing drivel. If you've been popping out poorly written content stuffed with keywords and links, it's time to pull back on that practice. In fact, much like your duplicate content, getting this stuff off of the web will be a good thing.

As far as your online marketing strategies go, the quantity and quality of your content will play a huge role in 2012. Start now by losing the low quality and duplicate material already out on the web.