How to Introduce Your Business to the Locals with Social Media

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One of the biggest challenges for local businesses, even those with good foot traffic, is maximizing visibility in their local market.

While advertising in local papers may be the traditional methodology, local businesses can now cost effectively reach out to their local prospects using social media, specifically YouTube, to expand their local footprint.

As the largest video-sharing site on the web with over 1 billion million unique users per month and the second busiest search site behind Google, YouTube simplifies local marketing by offering a no-cost platform that is easy to use.

Harnessing the power of this social media behemoth, however, is a process in which you’ll need to focus on getting found on YouTube, producing compelling videos, and presenting your business in the best light possible.

Here are the keys behind successfully using YouTube to introduce your business to the local community:

  • Build your YouTube channel – A YouTube channel is basically a central location for the videos that will be produced by your business. YouTube allows these channels to be customized with content and color schemes to give the channel a unique appearance to visitors. Setting up a channel also allows people to subscribe to your videos, meaning they will be notified when your business releases each new video.
  • Optimize the content that is integrated into your channel – Incorporating relevant keywords such as the name of your business, products/services and the name of your city/area/neighborhood will help people find your videos when they use those search terms.
  • Optimize your videos – Integrate your business keywords into the title of the video as well as the description box. Use only the keywords that are relevant to each video, plus your business name and location, rather than trying to list all your keywords in every video.
  • Keep comments clean – As your audience widens so will the types of comments you’ll receive on your videos. Moderate your comments to keep foul and offensive language out to avoid offending potential customers.
  • Engage with the locals – Be sure to engage with your potential customers when they engage with your business. While you don’t necessarily have to respond to each closed end comment, answering questions that are posed, for example, is a great way to build relationships and get them to your website or physical location.

YouTube is a great way to introduce your business to your local market. By creating an optimized channel and producing videos that provide solid information about your business, products and services, you’ll be well on the way to building a social media presence that that brings customers through the door and adds to your bottom line.