Diving into Your Website Marketing Strategy

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Developing your website marketing strategy will ultimately decide the level of success of your online endeavors. Let's face it...

...with millions or billions of websites out there, how is anyone going to find you? The key lies in the planning and execution of your website marketing strategy.


Let's start with the website. After all, this is where your visitors are going to land as a result of your website marketing strategy. Every one of your landing pages needs to directly relate to the keywords that are driving visitors to them. This means moving relevant information above the fold so that new visitors can see it immediately upon arrival. The content on these pages should be both original and of high value to the reader.

Next, let's go off of the site. This is where your marketing efforts are going to be focused. Boiled down to the basics, your website marketing strategy has two fronts; first and foremost your content has to add value, add insight, and position you as an expert in your field. Next, your off-site content needs to generate links back to your site. Here, you have essentially ways to generate links. The first is to create mini-sites where your original content is posted with links back to your site. The second is to have your content picked up by other websites that provide links to your site. The big payoffs here result from sites that link to you that carry high page ranks from the search engines.


The key here is to make sure your website marketing strategy takes both on-site and off-site approaches. The synergy between the two can propel your site to the point where it's receiving traffic and conversions on a daily basis.