Building a Google Friendly Website

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Like any business, Google attempts to provide each of its customers with an optimal user experience. In Google's case, an optimal...

...user experience focuses on delivering links to pages that are highly relevant to the specific search terms employed by its customers.

To that end, building a Google friendly website must first focus on giving your visitors information that they seek. This entails delivering high value content, especially on the home page of your site as well as any of the other pages they may land on when they arrive at your site. This content should contain the search terms that your visitors used to find your site in the first place. Be sure that the search terms flow with the content on the site and aren't just plugged in to the text for the sake of adding the keywords.

Delivering high value content will in turn encourage other sites to link to yours, a critical component in Google's algorithm which ranks pages for relevance to search terms. Google sees these in-bound links as votes or referrals from the originating page, adding to the perceived value of the receiving page as a relevant resource.

The next critical element in building Google friendly website is to ensure simple navigation and accessibility to the pages on your site. This accessibility makes it easier for the search engine's spiders to crawl your pages, assess what's on them, and determine their value. This will play a direct role in the ranking of your site's pages at Google.

By focusing on offering a positive user experience, you can build a Google friendly website and by offering exactly what Google wants for their customers you'll be rewarded. It's really that simple.