Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Kill CRM Initiatives

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Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Kill CRM Initiatives Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Kill CRM Initiatives


While implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system can deliver numerous benefits for a business, there are some commonly...

made mistakes that can make these benefits seem like a distant mirage. Here are some of these commonly made mistakes along with the steps you can take to avoid them.


* Starting the process with a vague picture of what the business needs from a CRM system – During the “shopping” process for a CRM system you will likely be bombarded with sales pitches that include awesome features that may or may not be applicable to your infrastructure and/or operations. Instead, having a defined list of applications that need to be included in your new CRM system will prevent the purchase of unnecessary features.

* Buying a “static” CRM system – While you will definitely want a CRM system that meets your business’ current demands, you will also want it to be able to grow as your business expands. Be sure that the CRM system that you plan on implementing can grow with your business and be customized to take advantage of new opportunities.    

* Trusting that an “intuitive” system will be self explanatory to your personnel – Buying into the idea that a new CRM system will have immediate uptake by your employees and be operated at its full potential without training and ongoing support will result in a CRM system that never lives up to its promise. On the other hand, a new system that is championed by management and supported with training, tips on best practices, and detailed help on job-specific applications will deliver the results you expect.


Planning and research can put the right system in place. With training and support for your personnel, your new CRM system can increase productivity, improve customer service, and capitalize on revenue generating opportunities.