6 Things to Do Now if your Business is Staying on Facebook

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For many businesses, the recent algorithm changes in Facebook’s News Feed forced a decision on whether to remain active...

...on the “Network” or to pull up stakes and head elsewhere. If your business is staying, there are 6 things to do immediately.
Getting ready for paid listings:
  1. Decide on the ratio of organic versus paid listings – If you’ve been on this platform for a while, you probably have a sense of the types of posts that sit in the sweet spot for generating revenues. These are the posts that should be promoted while the remaining categories stay as organic posts.
  2. Allocate an advertising budget – The new paradigm at Facebook means that optimizing your reach will cost some money. Assess your current advertising budget and allocate resources from the campaigns with the lowest return on investment.
  3. Set up testing – Facebook provides statistics on the social signals generated by each post. Be sure to track and categorize the types of posts that are working and those that aren’t to determine which types should be promoted and which types should either be abandoned or published as organic posts.
Optimize your content for both paid and organic posts:
  1. Create content that that will generate “Likes”, shares, comments, etc. – Rather than pumping out post after post, focus on producing content that will encourage engagement by readers. Facebook, much like Google, is stressing quality over quantity and will reward posts that have high engagement rates with increased distribution.
  2. Stop selling – Countless numbers of companies have initiated overt advertising campaigns on this network, leaving plenty of evidence that posts pushing products, services, etc. will be treated with varying degrees of disdain by Facebook users. While the ethos of the culture on Facebook remains steadfastly focused on social communication, posts that add value, solve problems, and/or incorporate a little bit of humor will still resonate with Facebook users.
  3. Add pictures and/or videos – Visual elements in the News Feed can drastically increase clicks, likes, commentary and other forms of engagement. These signals fit Facebook’s criteria for defining the high quality posts that will see steadily higher distribution rates.
The game for businesses that have relied on Facebook as a primary channel for marketing and customer acquisition has changed. Following these steps can ensure that your business maintains its reach and that your posts are distributed to a broad audience.