3 Website Design Things You Have to Stop Doing Now

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3 Website Design Things You Have to Stop Doing Now 3 Website Design Things You Have to Stop Doing Now


Like virtually everything else on the internet, website design is constantly evolving, a process that incorporates the new and jettisons...

the old with little in the way of sentimentality. In this dynamic environment, staying current with changes in consumer behavior as well as the ways in which search engine algorithms measure web pages are both critical elements in maintaining the highest level of website functionality and utility. With that in mind, here are three aspects of website design that are headed toward extinction.


1) The Home Page as the exclusive gateway to the rest of your site – While many websites are still designed under the assumption that the vast majority of visitors will land on the Home Page first, the reality is that visitors are often better served with inbound links that direct them to pages inside the site that present detailed information related to specific searches. The problem with directing these searches to the Home Page is that the visitor on your site now has to search for longer form product/service information again, this time from within the site.

2) Flash as a quasi internet standard – Adobe’s Flash application for graphics, animation and other forms of eye candy has never been a popular SEO choice, but the crowning blow has been delivered by Apple and Blackberry, both of which will not support Flash applications on their mobile devices. The result is that flash based sites either work poorly or not at all on these devices.

3) The footer as the exclusive domain of contact information – When customers want to take action in the form of a phone call, making them scroll down to find your phone number is an aggravation at best. Make your contact information easy to find by locating it above the fold.


Outdated practices can hurt your business. Make these website design changes now to bring your website up to date and avoid having it looking like a dinosaur.