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Since our founding in 2001 with a commitment to delivering full-service IT solutions to businesses of all sizes, the Gervais Group has focused on helping companies seize the opportunities that can maximize visibility, build brand recognition and increase sales. Our consulting and research-driven approach with each client/company positions us as a strategic partner, fully committed to delivering optimal results that are actualized by the execution of cost-efficient strategies.

The Gervais Group’s innovative work across the full spectrum of IT services is designed to deliver “best practice” results that are also adaptable with the evolutionary processes that are a constant force on virtually all web-related activities. This adaptability allows for the continuity in operations, SEO, and other initiatives that can be scaled up due to increasing business, modified to keep up with search engine updates, or dovetailed to take advantage of new opportunities. 

Today, the Gervais Group offers a full suite of solutions for businesses trying to navigate the rapidly evolving environment of the internet. These solutions include:

·         Web design

·         IT consulting/outsourcing

·         Search engine optimization

·         Social media development and management

·         Reputation management, and more

Having participated in the evolution of the web for over a decade, the Gervais Group has the experience to develop and execute strategies that drive targeted traffic, get high search engine rankings, fortify brand building, and increase sales. 


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